Mikel Arteta details the different transfer plans for Arsenal this Summer

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Generally speaking a football club’s recruitment department will need to have various plans for a transfer window in normal circumstances, but this Summer could be much more complicated.

We don’t know when next season will actually start, club’s could have severe financial issues and it’s also possible that the transfer market could grind to a halt, so that all has to be factored in.

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Sky Sports reported on some comments from Mikel Arteta about the upcoming window, and it’s clear that Arsenal have come up with a few different scenarios to plan for.

He said: “I’m planning two or three different scenarios that we can face. Depending on one of those three, we will be able to do more, less or nothing.”

“We have to react daily. We don’t know what the financial situation is going to be, we don’t know the rules, the timing, the window. There are so many things we cannot control at the moment.”

If you look at things generally then they do need to make some additions, with some loanees due to return to their parent clubs, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang may leave in a year so a replacement for him would be handy, while the general squad needs to be improved.

A major problem could be actually finding the funds to bring players in. We don’t know what the financial situation is at a lot of clubs but with so many reports about furloughing staff and general struggles it does make you wonder how precarious it might be for some.

We could also see a sharp increase in swap transfers with clubs lacking the money to pay fees, so this could be an interesting window.

It was always going to be a huge Summer for Arsenal anyway, but this makes it sound like it could be even more complicated.


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