Premier League clubs to get prize money advance based on current league positions

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We’ve heard a lot recently about clubs facing financial uncertainty and clearly there are some cash flow problems with a lack of income just now, so this should ease their concerns.

We still don’t know if the season will be played to a finish with the situation in the country not showing any signs of improvement for now, but it doesn’t sound like this is suggesting play won’t restart either.

As reported by The Guardian, Premier League clubs will be given an advance on their end of season prize money and media payments to help with cash flow issues.

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It sounds like these amounts are fluid throughout the season as it’s based on the amount of TV appearances and the final league standing, so these payments will be based on their current positions in the league.

It’s not clear what would happen if a club was doing well now but had an almighty collapse and tumbled down the table if play restarted, but that could be a problem for another time.

You have to wonder if this money is usually put towards the transfer budget for the following year so the transfer market might slow down if the money is used merely for survival, but that’s a price many clubs may just have to pay.