Wanda Nara hits back at ex Maxi Lopez after his furious rant amid coronavirus lockdown

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Wanda Nara has hit back after coming under fire from her ex Maxi Lopez over her decision to return to Italy with their children amid the coronavirus crisis.

The pair’s split and Wanda’s subsequent marriage to Mauro Icardi has been well documented, with the pair now based in France after his loan switch from Inter to Paris Saint-Germain last summer.

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However, despite the fact that Italy has been hit hardest among the European countries, she returned from Paris amid the outbreak to be at home.

That decision clearly didn’t go down well with Lopez…

“I would like to know under what criteria you broke the quarantine during a global pandemic,” he wrote on Instagram. “The whole world has asked you not to leave and you exposed our kids to a trip to another country.

“You moved to the epicentre of the contagion in Italy without even caring about the consequence??

“What is wrong with your head in these moments? The most sacred thing in the world right now is the health of our kids? I am outraged by your lack of awareness.”

However, not one to mince her words, Wanda has now hit back at her ex, insisting that returning home was the smart thing to do to keep her children safe.

“He accused me of bringing the children from Paris to Italy, the heart of the pandemic.

“But Maxi knows very well where we live: I am not in Como, but in a town near Como, where there are very few cases.

“In Paris, I had to leave the one I was renting, the contract expired.

“We also decided to return after consulting with the pediatrician and a first-line doctor.

“All players from PSG have gone to their countries. And now we are Italians, if something happens to me, I prefer that it happens to me here, at home.

“My country is Italy, which gave me and gave us all the beautiful things we have.

“That’s why I want to stay here. I could also have taken a private flight to return to Argentina, instead, we took two cars from Paris, mine and Mauro’s, divided the children and did 750 kilometers, nine and a half hours of the trip, singing a billion songs non-stop.

“It was riskier to go to Argentina. Maxi, instead of being happy it’s about my intentions as a mother.”

It doesn’t appear as though things are going to be completely mended between the pair any time soon, but it’s hoped that amid all the controversy and back-and-forths, that everyone concerned stays safe and healthy as the coronavirus continues to claim thousands of lives around the world each day.

Lopez is undoubtedly right to be concerned about the welfare of his children if they did travel back to Italy at a seemingly dangerous time to do so, while Wanda is clearly making decisions that she believes are in the best interest of her kids too.

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