‘We cannot force anyone’ – Agreement could see Neymar lose £300k p/w but union powerless to enforce it

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The unprecedented nature of the coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to confront their financial burdens head on, and football has been no different in that respect.

In France, according to ESPN, and after discussions between the National Union of Professional Football Players (UNFP) and the Ministry of Economy and Finance, an agreement has been reached to recommend a temporary reduction of salaries.

It’s important to stress that it is a recommendation because the union have admitted that they are powerless to enforce it, even though, where players like Neymar are concerned, a reduction of 50% of his £600k per week salary would be of huge benefit.

“The idea is that the players defer part of their April salaries to allow the clubs to get by,” the president of the UNFP told AFP and detailed by ESPN. “We cannot force anyone to join […] without this, the profession will suffer.”

With the idea that football globally will indeed find life difficult if players don’t do their bit, particularly in relation to the higher earners, it would be a travesty if the authorities had to go cap in hand to beg for funds which are clearly needed.

It would surely also say a lot about those players who are perhaps unwilling to play their part in what is a hugely troubling time.


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