Photos: Cristiano Ronaldo receives stern warning after being pictured training in Portugal

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Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his relentless work ethic, but it could now land the Juventus superstar in trouble with the Portuguese authorities.

It’s a trait that has been lauded on countless occasions by his former teammates and those who know him well, and even at 35 he has regularly posted clips on social media showing just how hard he continues to work during the coronavirus lockdown.

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However, he may well have taken it a step too far this week as he has been pictured training at CD Nacional’s stadium in Madeira, where he is supposed to be holed up during the lockdown as the world continues to battle to get a grip on the outbreak.

While the guidelines have allowed for members of the same household to exercise together once a day in public, the photos below show Ronaldo going through drills and being very close to several others despite social distancing being stressed in recent weeks.

In turn, that has resulted in the Portuguese superstar receiving a warning from local head of health Pedro Ramos.

“Ronaldo has no special permission to train,” he is quoted as saying by the media. “Cristiano Ronaldo has the right to train as long as he respects the rules like all citizens: there is no privilege.

“All citizens can leave the house and do so, as long as they do not cause gatherings and maintain a safe distance during the exercise. Therefore, Ronaldo did what we have seen.

“There was no special authorisation because we are all the same, we are all facing the same pandemic.

“The best player in the world must use his image to set an example, but Cristiano seems to me to have done just a few minutes of exercise and, therefore, there is no harm in the world.

“I would not like it to be said that it is trivialisation, because we are all responsible.

“All Madeirans are complying with the rules of the regional government. And those who do not know that the forces of authority can exercise their power.”

That should be enough to force a rethink within his camp on how he’s going to stay fit and sharp during the lockdown, but it remains to be seen if he irks the health officials in Portugal again as he evidently sets a very important example for millions of people around the world.

While Ramos gave a pretty diplomatic answer, the images below should some questionable adherence to the social distancing measures.

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