Arsenal players to reject performance related pay cut

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We’ve seen plenty of stories about players being asked to take pay cuts to allow the club to support the non playing staff, but now we’ve reached a point where clubs are just trying to save money generally.

Arsenal have been on an irreversible slide in the past ten years, from title contenders to a top four team to merely challenging for a Europa League spot, and a financial hit with this current crisis could make things worse.

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A report from The Mirror has looked at the proposals sent to the players about taking a pay cut over the next year to help the club out, but it looks likely to be rejected.

The proposal meant a 12.5% cut would be imposed on the players, but they could earn some of that back if they qualify for the Europa League or the Champions League.

Courtesy of The Mirror

It’s not clear how much trouble the club is in and what difference these cuts would make. In a way it would be ironic if this hurt their transfer budget and led to them failing to qualify for Europe anyway, but you also wonder if other clubs might follow this example soon.