Good news as new potential return date for English football emerges

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EFL clubs are reportedly aiming for a return to action on June 6 ahead of talks between Premier League clubs later this week.

As some leagues in Europe start to ponder resuming football at some point in May, it could be that English football is also now hopeful of a return in early June, according to ESPN.

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It remains to be seen if this will prove a realistic target, with the coronavirus pandemic initially seeing the Premier League only suspended until the end of April, though it has since been declared as being postponed indefinitely.

It could be that any date planned now will end up being pushed back again, but for now football fans everywhere have some small slither of hope to cling to.

As well as that, ESPN report that the Bundesliga could be due to return even in early May, with the COVID-19 crisis being dealt with pretty well in Germany.

The UK has joined Spain and Italy as one of the worst affected areas in Europe, but one can only hope that as cases start to peak now, that could soon mean the lockdown measures put in place a few weeks ago start to have the desired effect.

ESPN state EFL clubs could even start a mini pre-season on May 16 with the view to getting back on the pitch by June 6, though it seems likely games will have to be played behind closed doors.

Even so, entertainment of this kind will be important in terms of both giving people a reason to stay at home, and keeping them sane whilst doing so!