Premier League clubs come together to set deadline to end 2019/20 season

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Premier League clubs have come together to decide the end of the 2019/20 season, calling for the season to be completed by June 30th, according to a report in the Mirror.

According to the report, at least nine Premier League clubs have held discussions between themselves and will push for the season to be completed by June 30th while presenting their case at the next Premier League summit to be held on Friday.

The proposal contains ways in which to finish the season by 30th June with voiding the season off the table completely. The proposal also aims to settle the title race with Liverpool in line to be awarded the title while also settling the European qualification places and the relegation battle.

Most clubs currently face player contract expirations and commercial sponsorship contract expirations on 30th June and thus want the season to be finished by that date.

As it currently stands most clubs have nine games left while four have ten games left and so clubs would like the season to be completed rather than risk the “huge uncertainty and utter chaos” of having the games dragged on into the summer, according to the report.