Amnesty International shares concerns about Newcastle United takeover due to funds from Saudi Arabia

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It seems fair to say that the Newcastle United fans would’ve accepted almost anybody taking over their club if it meant getting rid of the horrific regime of Mike Ashley, but this probably isn’t what they had in mind.

The Guardian reported on the latest with their takeover, and it appears the club could now be used as a PR tool for a much more sinister regime.

They point out that some of the funding for this take over is coming from Saudi Arabia, and that’s prompted some serious misgivings from Amnesty International.

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They’ve spoken out and suggested the country will be using Newcastle as a PR tool to distract from an abysmal human rights record, which I’m sure we can all agree is a much bigger problem than someone using a club to sell cheap sports equipment and giant mugs.

The report does go on to suggest that it’s not just the club who will benefit from this, but they also help to regenerate some of the surrounding area too.

From a footballing point of view then this should be brilliant for the club, but there could be a serious moral issue for the fans to deal with here.

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