UEFA plan to hold the Champions League final on the 29th of August

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We’re still watching on as countries around the world try to figure out how to end their seasons due to the Coronavirus crisis, but it sounds like the major European competitions might be played to a finish.

Of course it’s impossible to award a title to someone in a knockout competition that still has a long way to go, while Liverpool had been knocked out so there was no way of letting them keep it either.

There was always a fear that this season’s competition might be cancelled completely, but The BBC have just reported on plans for the final to be held.

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They state that UEFA have announced their intention to play the game on the 19th of August in Istanbul, while the Europa League final will be played in Gdansk three days earlier.

It’s still not clear what will happen with the rest of the games, with discussions due to take place about holding a mini tournament of one off games or playing things out as normal, so a lot of this is still up in the air.

There’s also no sign of fans being able to attend any of these games, but you have to think that would still be impossible with the current global situation.