Why growing number of Premier League clubs want to finish season by June 30 ahead of key meeting

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Ahead of their meeting on Friday, it has been reported that an increasing number of clubs want the Premier League season to be completed by June 30.

The campaign is currently suspended indefinitely due to the coronavirus crisis, and with the UK yet to see the other side of the peak as figures continue to paint a bleak and tragic picture on a daily basis, it’s unclear when it will be deemed safe to resume sporting events.

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Until then, players and clubs up and down the country will have to continue to work from home as per the government guidelines, but while it may take the players time to get back to match fitness if the season resumes, there is financial concern for many clubs given the lack of revenue being generated during this period.

Burnley chief Mike Garlick has already suggested that the club will run out of money by August if there is no football played before then, with all clubs set to take a massive financial hit if they don’t receive their TV payments and matchday revenue.

It’s undoubtedly worse down the lower leagues, but Sky Sports have reported that a growing number of Premier League clubs want the season finished by June 30 due to the row that could erupt over player contracts.

Countless stars will see their current deals expire on June 30, and although FIFA have suggested that they could be extended across the board, there is nothing in a legal sense to stop players from walking away if their contract is finished.

That will be a topic of discussion in the meeting on Friday, while one Premier League owner added: “The meeting will be about financial survival and if and when we play games or abandon the season. Sadly, the season could still be abandoned depending on government rules.”

No decisions are expected this week, but the hope for most involved will be that games can resume as soon as it is safe to do so and most likely behind closed doors. Not only will that be a welcome boost if the lockdown goes on for the general public, but also it could save a number of clubs from various financial difficulties as well as some of the players facing an uncertain future.