Premier League now tipped for June restart with games to be completed within 5 weeks

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Football seems distinctly split into two camps just now, and it’s easy to be cynical and wonder how much influence the TV companies are having on certain decisions.

While some of the smaller leagues are starting to move towards ending their seasons now with the hope they can begin next season as normal, most of the bigger leagues are still determined to get things played out.

The Premier League is well known for clubs getting extortionate amounts of money from TV companies, so it shouldn’t come as a big shock.

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Of course it would be ideal for every game to be played out, but it cannot come at the expense of public health.

Sky Sports have just reported on the likelyhood of things getting started up again, and it doesn’t sound like an imminent solution will be found:

They state that play is unlikely to start before the 8th of June at this point, and games would have to be compressed into a five week period if that did happen.

Each club has a maximum of 10 games to play, so that would see a game every Saturday and midweek over that five week period, so it could be possible.

There’s still no confirmation of this actually happening for now, but it seems like the most credible option.