English clubs face transfer restrictions if they also defer players wages

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This isn’t limited to football, there is still a part of society that is trying to use the current crisis to profit or gain personally in some ways.

It won’t be a shock if that happens in football, but a lot of the recent stories in the press don’t add up. Every day you will see certain clubs begging their players to take a pay cut, only to be linked with a big transfer the same day.

It’s an especially poor look when some teams are also using the Government’s furlough scheme, and a report from The Express has indicated there could be some measures put in the place.

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It seems this will apply to clubs in the Football League, and it’s suggested that any who defer player’s wages will also be subjected to transfer restrictions to prevent them exploiting this situation.

It’s not quite clear how this will look or how it’s implemented, but they quoted a source who said the following:

“If you’re building up liabilities and not paying what you owe, that becomes very challenging in two respects – one is in terms of the impact of the players you owe money to, and the second is on the competitive aspects in relation to clubs who haven’t deferred wages.”

“If you defer a substantial element and then go out and spend £10 million in the transfer market when a club that has paid their players in full can’t then afford to spend in the market, can that be right?”

“You can’t have a complete transfer embargo but you might have restrictions on fees or a stipulation that X per cent of the money has to go to paying off the players’ deferred salaries first because the whole basis of deferrals is that you haven’t got any money.”

You would hope that the current situation has taught clubs they need to be more self-sustainable and will look to manage their finances better, but the authorities will need to manage this properly to prevent some major issues occurring further down the road.