Premier League club losing £9million a week due to coronavirus crisis

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One Premier League club is reportedly losing as much as £9million a week at the moment as football is put on hold amid the coronavirus crisis.

This unnamed club is really feeling the strain at the moment and faces taking out a loan of as much as £100m to cover their losses, according to the Daily Mirror.

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Clubs are still having to fork out huge wages for their players despite no games going on and no matchday revenue coming in.

One imagines some teams will be hit harder than others, but it would be surprising if even the biggest clubs were able to come through this unscathed.

It is not yet clear when Premier League football will return, and it’s little wonder fans will be desperate to see measures taken to ensure matches can resume as quickly as possible, provided it’s safe.

Some football clubs will be losing huge amounts of money and many fans, particularly of smaller clubs, will be worried if their team can even survive if the game is put on hold for too long.