‘In 2020, going to the stadium to see Barca will be impossible’ – Medical expert gives sobering opinion on the coronavirus impact

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It appears that most businesses are going to take an awfully long time to recover financially from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, with one expert delivering a sobering opinion on what the immediate future could hold for Barcelona and its supporters.

At this stage, it’s still unclear when football will return to any sort of normality, or what that normality will actually look like.

Andrea Buron, an epidemiologist and the spokeswoman for the Spanish Association of Public Health and Health Administration (SESPAS), has suggested it will be next year before supporters will be able to watch Barcelona at the Camp Nou.

“We still don’t know what percentage of the population is immune to the new coronavirus,” Sport reported Buron as saying.

“[…] I think we are going to have to wait at least one year for a vaccine […] what’s clear is we have to think of alternatives and different scenarios. And return gradually.

“[…] To put possible carriers of the virus in contact with thousands of receivers is a danger until we know how many people are immune.

“Football benefits from being played in the open air but fans will not be back at Camp Nou until health authorities say so: it’s likely that in 2020, going to the stadium to see Barca will be impossible.”

It’s an incredibly bleak outlook, and one which will surely place a further financial burden on clubs.

The ticket revenue which many rely on will have to be returned to the season ticket holders, and any cash projections that were already in place are likely to be heavily revised.