Barcelona face another clash with their players as another €200m in savings needs to be made

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We’ve learned a lot about some clubs during the current shutdown, and it’s become clear that Barcelona are not in a good way financially.

They asked their players to take a pay cut which was a drawn out affair, before Talksport reported a few weeks ago that the players would be accepting a 70% pay cut.

It wasn’t all good news, as Lionel Messi went on to criticise the board for the way they handled it and tried to put pressure on the players.

It’s still not clear if relations have improved since then, but they could be set for another clash after a worrying report from ESPN emerged.

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They indicate that Barca will need to find another €200m in savings, and that could mean the players will need to take another pay cut.

They quote the former Vice President Emili Rousaud with his views on the situation, and it’s interesting to see he’s trying to ease tensions with the players here:

“The club’s proposal lacked ambition given the economic problems they will have to face.”

“I have zero criticism towards the player. They did what was asked of them and more, with the additional contribution to make up the salaries of the rest of the club’s employees.”

“But was asked of them, from my point of view, is insufficient to cover the deficit in revenue that we’re going to have.”

It really is concerning to find out how badly Barcelona have been impacted with just a couple of months without their expected income, and it suggests the club is in a bad way financially.

It also sounds like they might struggle to finance any big signings going forward, so they may have to go back to the youth academy and give the youngsters a chance rather than trying to sign established players.