Bent claims Arsenal have ‘snake’ in dressing room after Mesut Ozil pay cut row

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Former Premier League striker Darren Bent has claimed that Arsenal have a ‘snake’ in their dressing room after Mesut Ozil was reported as one of three players to reject a wage cut.

The ex-England international made the shock claim whilst speaking on the talkSPORT Breakfast show, Bent also added that the abuse Ozil is getting is ‘disgusting’.

According to an exclusive report from the Mirror, superstar Ozil is one of just three Arsenal players to have Arsenal’s proposal of a 12.5% wage cut.

Ozil’s alleged stance has sparked even more controversy as the 31-year-old is the Gunners’ highest-earning, pocketing a massive £350,000-a-week, as per the Mirror.

The Mirror claimed that would like to see the ‘full financial impact’ that the Coronavirus pandemic has before rethinking his stance on the matter.

Here’s what Bent had to say on the drama:

“There’s obviously a snake in that dressing room, which is not good,”

“When you’re in a sporting environment with the guys in the dressing room, you’re like a small family, but at times people do cross the line.”

“I’d be in there making phone calls trying to find out who it was that leaked the story, because if there’s three of us [who rejected a pay cut], I shouldn’t be the only one being named.”

“It also think it’s quite disgusting the abuse he’s getting.”

“He hasn’t come out and said, ‘I’m not doing it’, he’s given context as to why he isn’t doing it. He just wants a bit of time and wants to know where the money is going.”

TalkSPORT reiterate that Ozil’s charitable gestures are often unfairly overlooked, a view that Bent also takes.

The report states that the World Cup winner and his wife celebrated their wedding day by paying for 1,000 children to have life-changing surgery, this is just one of the star’s many charitable acts.

Bent defended Ozil as the star is facing perhaps unfair criticism from the media:

“People gloss over the good he does,”

“That 12.5 per cent comes out of his wages anyway to various charities, but people don’t want to talk about that because he’s a hate figure.”

“Ozil is a bit like Paul Pogba; he’s public enemy number one. Can you image if Pogba did this? I would blow up!”

“Also, there are supposed to be three of them that have said no, and yet Ozil is the only one being named.”

“We know that’s because of his wages, because he’s on £350,000-a-week; but I don’t care how much you’re on, when you’ve done some of the good stuff he has done, he deserves a bit of time.”

“To come out and call him a disgrace, I think that’s poor.”

“The important thing is Ozil is not saying he will not do it, he’s just asking for a little more time, and with some of the good things he’s done I think he’s earned that.”

Even if we all agree that all of Arsenal’s players should have taken the cut, it seems really unfair that only Ozil has been named as one of the members of the first-team squad to reject this idea.

Unfortunately, much of what the playmaker has done over the past two-and-a-half-years has been scrutinised by the media.

It’s fair to say that Ozil’s performances on the pitch have massively dipped since he signed his marquee £350,000-a-week deal and the ace also has been subjected to more than his fair share of bad press for things unrelated to football.

Is Arsenal’s No.10 a scapegoat for the media or is targeting of the superstar fair?

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