Medical expert explains how Premier League could return safely amid coronavirus crisis

A medical expert has explained how the Premier League could make a safe return amid the coronavirus crisis.

At the moment, the Premier League and all leagues across the country and Europe are suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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However, there has been talk of the game returning soon, most likely behind closed doors, and there could be other ways to ensure matches can be played safely.

Now, Dr. Rowland Kao, who is a doctor from the University of Edinburgh, has explained how players can wear masks and undergo regular tests and could return to training while adhering to coronavirus prevention measures.

Speaking about coronavirus masks and prevention, as quoted by talkSPORT, Dr. Kao said:

“Masks tend not to protect you but protect others. They prevent aerosol spray but leaves open (the risk of) fomite transmission – putting your hand to your mouth or your face and then wiping it somewhere else, like a doorknob.

“It’s unclear how much protection those masks would be, but it would seem sensible to put as many precautions as you could in place. If you have got 300-500 people coming together (for a match behind closed doors), there’s an opportunity for multiple infections to occur.

“Individuals involved should be tested relatively soon before any such activities occur and should be tested frequently throughout.

“There will be some question as to whether such tests are available. If we’re talking about a substantial number of teams and a substantial number of tests, it’s not clear to me at this time whether that would be viewed as appropriate use of such testing, if we’re trying to prioritise other areas. If you couldn’t do the testing, it’s unlikely any activity could restart.”

At the moment with the lockdown in the UK in order until 7th May, there is still time for English football’s governing bodies to formulate a suitable way to stage a comeback for the Premier League which would begin by restarting training at clubs.

However, it seems clear that, for the foreseeable future, football will look very different to what we’re used to if it’s played again this year.