Cuadrado forced to apologise for sickening joke at Juventus team-mate Rabiot’s expense

Juventus’ Juan Cuadrado was quickly forced to apologise for a serious error of judgment, and one in which he was trying to make fun of team-mate Adrien Rabiot.

Without realising the context to an Instagram post placed online by Juventus, Cuadrado commented on how the player in the picture looked like his current colleague.

The words were accompanied by a few laughing emojis, however, the post was in tribute to Andrea Fortunato, a former Juve player who died 25 years ago of leukaemia, aged just 23.

“Rabiot, it’s you,” Cuadrado had originally posted.

Once it became clear that a supposedly innocuous remark was anything but, the Colombian quickly realised his error and set about rectifying it before he incurred the wrath of the wider Juve fan base.

“I take this opportunity to apologise to all the Juventus fans for the post I commented on,” he wrote on his personal Instagram account, according to the Daily Star.

“I only saw the photo without reading what had happened: I just looked and I thought I saw Rabiot. Sorry.”

In this age of social media, it’s sometimes better to take a deep breath and ensure the context of any message before making snap judgments and replying. Cuadrado clearly fell foul, and it’s unlikely his paymasters at the Italian club will take to kindly to his attempt at humour either.

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