Clash between the Premier League and FA as they fail to agree on post-Brexit quotas

Football has enough problems just now thanks to the Coronavirus and all the problems that brings, but let’s not forget that Brexit will also have a huge impact.

The vote to leave the EU promises to affect immigration into Britain, and footballers will not be exempt from those new rules either.

Lot’s of clubs in England have to rely on foreign talent to provide success, but that may not be possible once Brexit actually happens.

The Mirror reported on the latest with how things could look in the future, and it appears the Premier League and FA are not in agreement at this point.

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It sounds like they have managed to ratify a criteria for foreign players to be granted a “green card” to come over and play in the league, but the quota of home grown players in squads is proving to be a sticking point.

In many ways there was always going to be a clash here, as the two sides are responsible for very different things.

The FA want to grow the game and ensure the national team is competitive, so having more young English players playing in the league seems like a reasonable way of making that happen.

On the  other hand, The Premier League will be unlikely to care where the players come from, as long as they can make money by selling the product and peddling mantras like “the best league in the world”

It’s suggested that the Premier League want there to be 14 out of 25 players to be homegrown, while the FA want at least three more than that.

There may be voters in some places thinking that they didn’t realise this could have a negative impact on their favourite football team, but it was probably on the side of a bus somewhere.