Mike Tyson’s business partner floats idea of cannabis company acquiring Nou Camp naming rights

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Of course there is extra money to be made by selling the naming rights to your stadium, but it also has the potential to gain attention for the wrong reasons.

We’ve seen some great names over the years – from Livingston’s Toni Macaroni Arena, FC Dallas playing at Pizza Hut Park and the Gaylord Entertainment Centre in Nashville, but none of those stadiums were anywhere near as iconic as the Nou Camp is.

It’s clear that Barcelona aren’t in a great way financially and some extra income would be welcome, but this report from The BBC would be astonishing if it happens.

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They report on some comments from Mike Tyson’s business partner Alki David, who has floated the idea of naming the Nou Camp after their cannabis company.

Attitudes towards the drug have relaxed in recent years, but it would still be a huge call for one of the biggest clubs in the world to endorse it like this.

Here’s what he had to say about the proposition:

“It’s something we’ve specifically been looking for to adopt in our company and it seemed like an amazing idea.”

“My company is a cannabis company and Spain has a long tradition within the European Uunion as being a leader or a liberal in the road towards legalisation, so it’s evolved quite naturally.”

It must be pointed out that this hasn’t been agreed yet, but it would be astonishing if it happens.