Newcastle United plan sensational Kevin Keegan return if takeover bid is successful

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It’s common for a new regime to try and score some easy PR points once taking over a new club, but you do wonder if that’s truly necessary.

Mike Ashley may go down as one of the most unpopular owners in history, as he sucked the joy out of Newcastle United and reduced them to simply trying to exist as a Premier League club.

They barely managed to win a cup game and finishing 17th may have been celebrated as a success in the boardroom, but it’s hardly something to get the fans excited.

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It looks like a takeover is close, and this latest rumour could be a very interesting one for the fans:

Keegan is wildly popular with the fans after an incredible first spell in charge, but he fell out with Ashley during his second one when it started to look like his appointment was purely a PR stunt rather than anything meaningful.

It would be interesting to see how this one goes down with the fans – some big names have been linked and they may have been looking forward to an exciting new manager.

Keegan may be popular, but you also wonder if the game has passed him by as a coach and it could all end in tears, but it would surely prove popular initially.

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