K-League set for May 8th return but strict rules offer glimpse of what’s to come in Premier League

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The South Korean K-League is reportedly set to return on the 8th of May in a move that will offer hope to football fans all over the rest of the world.

However, according to a report from Sport Business, this move will come with a lot of new rules that may also offer a glimpse of what life will be like in the Premier League if it gets going again this summer.

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The report states that players won’t be able to talk to each other or match officials during games, while all coaches and other matchday personnel will have to wear masks.

And if a player ends up catching coronavirus, their entire team could be out of action for two weeks, according to Sport Business.

Clearly, resuming the Premier League will prove just as challenging, if not more so, with the UK generally seeming to have dealt with the coronavirus pandemic much worse than South Korea.

Germany has also done more to contain the spread of the virus, with the Bundesliga also now looking close to a possible return in May.

Still, the English top flight could also be back up and running in ‘weeks’ as the government seem keen for football to come back and provide entertainment to those stuck at home, according to the Daily Mirror.