PSG make plans to continue in the Champions League as Ligue 1 cancelled

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We’re starting to see some big leagues make a choice about how to end their season, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if every country makes a similar move shortly.

Despite some politicians trying to force football back into action as a PR tool to show things aren’t that bad, it would be unforgivable if play started too soon and made the problem worse.

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A recent report has indicated that Ligue 1 in France will be ending their season now, but PSG still want to play on in Europe:

In many ways this could make sense, as playing out a knockout competition that was close to the latter stages is much easier than trying to fulfill multiple fixtures in the league, but we haven’t seen a clear plan from UEFA yet.

It’s also worth noting that PSG are desperate for success in Europe, so it’s understandable that they will do all they can to finish the competition, especially when a lot of usual contenders look weaker than usual.