Chelsea players given a deadline to return as they hope to resume training soon

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Realistically we still don’t know when it will be safe for football to start up again, but it does sound like clubs are starting to prepare.

It’s likely that fans won’t be allowed to attend games anytime soon, while extra efforts will need to be made to protect the players.

That means more than ensuring they have access to testing and medical care, as their general fitness could be a concern after not playing for so long.

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In regards to the Premier League, it sounds like a lot of games will be crammed into a short period of time, which just increases the injury risk. As a result, it makes sense for clubs to start training before play can start again, to ensure they players are in peak condition.

The Telegraph have reported on he latest with Chelsea’s plans, and the players are currently being summoned back to London.

It’s suggested that the plan is to get them back by Sunday, which will allow them to go into quarantine for a couple of weeks before hopefully returning to training on on the 18th of May.

They go on to say this is all being done with a view to the league starting again on the 8th of June, but that’s still up in the air for now.