‘People just expect that’ – Man United stars in for a shock as they get ready for Premier League return

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As Premier League clubs get set for a return to Premier League action, Manchester United’s stars could be in for a bit of a shock.

At the top level of the game, it’s often believed that players are pampered and have everything done for them. That all they need to do is go out and play football and not have to worry about anything else.

That may well have been the case before, but the coronavirus pandemic has changed things just a little, and as United’s Scott McTominay notes, what he and his colleagues once expected as standard, might need to be revised in the current climate.

That’s because United’s first-team players will have to wash their own training and playing kits during the pandemic, because the club’s laundry rooms will remain closed until further notice.

‘You hear the stories about getting the life of luxury at Manchester United and people take that for granted, like the food in the canteen, your kit being laid out for you every morning,’ said McTominay, reported by the Daily Mail.

‘People just expect that and you have to always remember where you come from in that respect and always appreciate what people do for you.’

It’s hard to believe that having to fend for themselves for a few weeks will affect their form in any way, but in so doing, it might give the players a new appreciation of those around them.

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