‘You don’t need football’ – Piers Morgan slams authorities for considering a Premier League return

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In a scathing attack on Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan has let rip at the Premier League authorities for considering a return to football.

Clearly, the Covid-19 situation is still evolving, and to that end, Arsenal fan, Morgan, has suggested that football should be the least of anyone’s priorities at the present time.

“There are economic issues, yes, as there are with every business,” he said, cited by the Daily Star.

“[…] We’ve heard these terrible figures, the death toll yesterday, and from Dr Hilary about how 30 per cent of people who go to hospital with this don’t come back out. I just don’t think we should really be thinking, too seriously, honestly, about football.

“But football’s a game. Football’s a game. It’s a game that we love passionately but let’s put it in perspective: you don’t need football. And are we going to risk players’ lives? Are we going to risk the lives of the people who then have to go to the grounds and put these games on?

“So many issues here. And while this virus is as lethal as it is, we have no way of combatting it medically, I just think this is a non-starter.”

Although his comments are unlikely to be welcomed by Premier League clubs and the authorities that run the game, all of whom have been forced to reassess their business model in light of the financial issues that the virus has caused, it’s hard to disagree with Morgan’s comments.

If the choice is between putting people’s lives at risk only to ensure that football clubs don’t continue to lose money, then there isn’t really a choice in any event, and with no real knowledge of when the pandemic will end either, discussions as to a full-time return to football should be kept on the back burner.


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