Phil Neville comments on brother Gary ‘playing up’ to cameras

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Former Manchester United player Phil Neville comments on ‘idiot’ brother Gary ‘playing up’ to cameras when Everton faced United in a Premier League fixture back when both brothers were playing for the clubs all those years ago, according to an account in the Mirror. 

Neville joined Everton from United in 2005 and recounted an incident involving his brother when both the sides met in a Premier League game during their playing days.

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In one particular game, both brothers were captaining their respective clubs in a Premier League fixture and were face to face in the tunnel before leading their sides out to the pitch.

Phil was fondly greeted by Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Wes Brown in the tunnel, however, his brother Gary ignored him while the cameras were on and only greeted him once the cameras turned away which made Phil label his brother as an ‘absolute idiot’.

Recounting the incident while speaking to MUTV as cited in the Mirror, Phil Neville said:

“I was speaking to him about it the other day,”

“It was one of the early games, and I went down the tunnel, and you just think, he’s going to say hello. And he didn’t. He’s going to say something. I turned round.

“Giggsy said hello, Scholesy said hello. I think Wes [Brown] was there and said hello.

“And then there’s a camera right in front of where the captains are and I thought, ‘typical Gary – he’s playing to the cameras, playing for show’.

“The minute we went past the camera, seriously, he went, ‘all right Phil, how’s it going?.

“What an absolute idiot. For the cameras, for Sky Sports and his image, he thought, ‘I’m not saying hello to him’. I thought, ‘Nah, that’s not for me, kidda’.”

It certainly is a hilarious account by Phil Neville which makes for a bit of banter between the brothers.

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