Premier League given option to finish season in Australia

The Premier League have been given an option to finish the 2019/20 season in Australia, according to a report in the Sun. 

The Premier League has been looking at options to finish the current season with reports of PL chiefs suggesting to play games at neutral venues but have run into constant setbacks.

Now, the senator of the city of Perth in Australia has reportedly backed English agent Gary Williams in his plan to finish the Premier League season in Perth, Australia with the country being one of the lesser affected by the coronavirus.

This comes shortly after Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville suggested that the Premier League could be taken overseas in order to finish the season.

Australia have reported just 93 COVID-19 related deaths and are a country which have been least affected by the deadly virus.

Speaking about taking the Premier League to Perth as cited in the Sun, Brummie Williams said:

“I have had discussions with contacts at Premier League clubs and they like the idea.

“I have also spoken with government officials and they are enthusiastic. We are speaking again this week.

“Everybody is safe here. The government has lifted many restrictions.

“We are sitting round in groups of ten, we can walk around and the beaches are open. We have had four new cases in the last ten days.”

While the Perth senator Glen Sterle as quoted in the Sun said: “I’m watching what’s happening in England with a heavy heart. We want to help.”

“We have almost no new cases. It would just be a case of some quarantine for our friends when they arrive and then we are up and running.

“When Gary first mentioned it I thought it was a wonderful idea.

“I’m glad he is getting the same response from the people in the game he has called.

“This is the centre of the sporting universe in Australia. We have fresh air and good weather. It would be ideal.” he added.

This alternative of playing the remaining games of the season in Australia certainly seems plausible for the Premier League to finish the 2019/20 season and only time will tell if PL chiefs give the move a green light.