‘Unfortunately there will be a casualty’ – Graeme Souness fires a warning to Premier League clubs over return to action

An acquired taste at the best of times, there are unlikely to be too many supporters disagreeing with Graeme Souness’ latest words of wisdom.

The pundit, speaking on Sky Sports’ The Football Show and cited by the Daily Star, fired a stark warning to all of the decision makers in the game and also Premier League clubs, regarding the apparent need for a quick return to action.

“If we go back next month, unfortunately there will be a casualty,” he said. “If we go back in two months’ time, unfortunately there will be another casualty. If we go back in three months, same again. We have to manage it until there is a vaccine.

“We’re going to have to manage it and if we’re determined to get back to football, just take it on the chin. There will be times where we’re taking two strides forward and we’re taking three back, that’s how I see it going forward. It’s a very difficult time for the decision makers.

“How you get all these clubs to agree, I’m not sure if it’s going to happen. I think it will be very, very difficult because everyone, and correctly so, has to look after their own house.”

While people are still losing their lives or indeed where there is still a significant risk to life, then the notion of getting back to playing should be rock bottom of any agenda.

Though it’s accepted that the financial cost of the coronavirus epidemic may be too much for some clubs to bear, profit should not be put before human life, and that’s the stark reality of the situation that Souness alludes to.

Perhaps it would be best all round if the current season was ended now, with a view to potentially picking things up again later in the year, because no club or league organisation is going to want the death of one of its members on their collective consciences.

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