Bundesliga set to get green light from German government to return on May 15

In a way it’s remarkable to even be contemplating this option, but we could see top-level European football return in just ten days’ time.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, there has been talk for some time of the Bundesliga returning to action this month, and this reportedly looks set to get approval from the German government.

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According to the Daily Mail, Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to give the green light for the German top flight to get going again on May 15th.

It seems clear that this would still be rather different from the kind of football we’ve got used to, with strict safety measures likely to be in place, and of course, empty stadiums for possibly quite some time.

Still, for those of us stuck at home, the chance to enjoy some football to watch is huge, and many would have doubted it was possible not so long ago.

Germany has, however, coped better than many countries with the coronavirus pandemic, and now looks set to ease their lockdown restrictions.

Provided they’re confident this is not going to cause another spike, football fans everywhere should rejoice at the fact that we can get the beautiful game going again.

Those of us here in the UK will hope it can also mean that the prospect of a Premier League return this summer is not the crazy dream some have made it out to be.