‘I was stopped by the police’ – Inter Milan star falls foul of the law during pandemic

As if the coronavirus pandemic isn’t a tough enough situation for everyone to deal with, one Inter Milan player has been stopped by the police after venturing outside.

Italy has been one of the hardest hit areas, and to that end, measures have long been in place there to stop the spread of the coronavirus, but that still hasn’t stopped people falling foul of the law.

“Once I was stopped by the police,” Inter’s Christian Eriksen told Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, and cited by

“I tried to explain in my bad Italian what I was going to do, showing documents. Training is difficult and very different.”

It’s not just the need to be outside and doing something that has caused the former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder to feel down. The lack of structure to his training regime is clearly something that troubles him.

“I run in the cellar, where there are about 70 metres between one end and the other, in the middle there is a curve.” he said to Jyllands-Posten, and cited by

“I haven’t touched the ball for seven weeks. It is the longest break of my life. without football I miss it.”

A return to action would appear to still be a few weeks away, so it could be some while yet before the Dane gets the chance to kick a ball in earnest again. Until that point, he’ll also have to resist the temptation of wandering around without the appropriate documentation.

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