No concern for Manchester United despite FIFA probe into Bruno Fernandes transfer

Things were looking so good for Man United before the break, so the fans must be feeling a lot of optimism about how things could play out next season.

One of the main reasons for that turnaround was the signing of Bruno Fernandes, so there must have been some initial concern when it emerged that FIFA were getting involved with investigating something about that move.

In some ways it would be ironic if there was something wrong with the deal that took so long to complete, but a report from The Mirror suggests that United have nothing to worry about.

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The issue relates to an agreement between Sporting Lisbon and Sampdoria, where it appears the Italian signed included a sell on clause when they sold him to the Portuguese side.

They go on to say that the Italians feel they are owed £4m from the £47m transfer, and they’ve made FIFA aware of the situation.

They also say that Sporting feel they don’t have to pay Sampdoria anything, so this could take some time to try and resolve. Despite that, it seems it’s got nothing to do with Man United.


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