Opinion: Arsenal should steer clear of prolific striker as potential Aubameyang replacement

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It’s starting to look like Pierre Emerick Aubameyang will leave Arsenal at some point over the next year, so speculation will naturally start to emerge about a possible replacement.

The Gunners don’t tend to go for big names, but Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez were big signings in the past so it can’t be completely ruled out.

Teamtalk have indicated that Mikel Arteta could have the chance to sign Inter Milan striker Mauro Icardi as a direct replacement for Aubameyang, but that looks like a horrific move on paper.

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It does feel like Arsenal are going to have to cut back in some ways, but Mikel Arteta has shown himself to be a capable manager and you would expect him to know how to create a strong team.

The Gunners might need to rely on a strong togetherness and work ethic to make up for a lack of stars going forward, so the Argentine is the last thing they need.

He’s caused problems wherever he’s gone – from forming relationships with player’s wives, arguing with the fans and generally causing chaos with his attitude.

icardi wanda nara
Icardi and his wife Wanda Nara

He also comes with a side package of his wife and agent Wanda, and the duo are known for being outspoken and causing friction to get their way.

He’s not actually lazy on the pitch, and he has a very impressive goal-scoring record but everything off the pitch seems to outweigh his talent for now.

He might be a cracking player, but he’s not a good fit for Arsenal just now.

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