Opinion: Liverpool may miss out on the next Roberto Firmino as more suitable clubs show an interest

It feels like we are starting to see a shift in player’s mindsets when it comes to signing for a big club at a young age.

Previously the name and the prestige of being in that youth system would be enough, but kids are starting to realise that the path to the first team is getting harder and harder.

That means that sides who gain a reputation for giving chances to younger talents will benefit more and more as time goes on, and it could be interesting with this transfer story.

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According to The Express, Brazilian wonderkid Talles Magno has been hailed as the next Roberto Firmino, so naturally Liverpool are interested in signing him.

The problem is that other European sides are also interested, and they look like a much better fit just now.

They are Benfica, Lyon and Sevilla – all three have a history of developing players and selling them on for a large fee, and that will surely be more attractive to Magno.

He knows he will get chances at a high level, but he also knows that these clubs rely on transfer revenue to grow, so it’s also unlikely that he will be forced to stay for too long.

In many ways he could actually end up at Liverpool if he moves to a smaller side first and proves himself before making a bigger transfer.

It’s always worth noting that things may come down to his agent and how much money they could make on moving him on, but Liverpool appear to be up against it in this chase.

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