Covid conspiracy? Brighton and Dresden situations questioned by Russian football expert

We’ve seen in the general world that the Coronavirus crisis has enabled a lot of people to show their true colours, and football is starting to follow suit.

In a way you can’t blame some clubs from doing their best to look after their own interests, but anyone claiming they shouldn’t be relegated under the guise of sporting integrity is simply trying to deflect.

It feels like we may be getting closer to play restarting again in the UK, while German football is scheduled to start again behind closed doors next week.

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For this to work then the health of the players and everyone involved needs to be the highest priority, so any new cases could prevent play for starting again.

A couple of clubs in danger have announced some players have tested positive in the last couple of days, and it’s led to a very interesting tweet:

It’s very important to say that nobody is suggesting that clubs are faking these results or doing anything to deliberately obstruct the return.

Despite that, the timing and the situation around this is highly interesting indeed. Dresden are rock bottom of the second tier and are at risk of dropping down to the third division, while Brighton are only two points clear of the relegation zone in the Premier League.

It’s not clear exactly which players are affected right now and how many, but it goes without saying that we wish them a speedy recovery and hope their families are okay too.