Premier League given boost by government to restart in June but 8 PL clubs oppose neutral venues

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The Premier League has been handed a boost by the UK government with officials stating that professional sports in the country could return by June, according to the Telegraph.

The Premier League’s ‘Project Restart’ aimed to begin the resumption of football on 12th June and looks likely to happen while adhering to government regulations.

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The UK Prime Minister is to reveal plans for easing the lockdown in Parliament on Monday with a paper on the resumption guidelines of all sports in the country set to be revealed to the public on Tuesday.

The Prime Minister’s go-ahead comes shortly after the Premier League’s ‘Project Restart’ talks between club and league officials along with several meetings leading up to it.

However, it is believed that eight Premier League clubs are opposing playing at neutral venues and are aiming to push back ‘Project Restart’ to a meeting today.

There has also been news of up to 50 Premier League players voicing their concerns about returning to playing with underlying health concerns due to the coronavirus.

At the moment though, the Premier League are preparing to restart the English top-flight by June 12, provided all parties including clubs, players and league officials are satisfied.