Study suggests not enough contact in football for high coronavirus infection risk

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A study has suggested that the return of the Premier League and football elsewhere might not be such a big risk in terms of spreading coronavirus.

Despite being a contact sport, the Telegraph cite a study that suggests players are only within infectious distance of each other for an average of 88 seconds per match.

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The report adds that the risk is even lower for amateur football, which gives hope for a return of the game at a grassroots level.

Fans will no doubt be hoping we can see the return of Premier League football some time this summer as the Bundesliga is set to get going again this weekend.

Of course, it must only be done when it is confirmed as being safe, though the study cited by the Telegraph suggests that it is perhaps not as big a risk as some expected.

Provided there is regular and thorough testing of players and coaches, and stadiums remain empty for some time, there seems to be a growing sense that football can soon resume without causing a huge spike in coronavirus cases.