Teenager spoken to by police after vile Twitter abuse aimed at Arsenal legend Ian Wright

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One of the main problems with social media is it allows people to sit behind a keyboard and spout hateful words that they would never say in public.

Twitter is widely regarded as the worst, you can make up a name, apply any stock photo and then just type away to your heart’s content.

There was a recent incident involving racist abuse directed at Arsenal legend Ian Wright, but thankfully it looks like something is being done about it this time.

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As reported by The Sun, an Irish teenager has handed himself in to the police and has since been interviewed about the incident.

The content of his messages don’t need repeating, but the internet community was quick to track him down after the messages were shared, with the idiot managing to post from an account that allowed his name and place of work to be traced.

It’s not clear at this point what action he will face as the result of this. He can have a slither of credit for handing himself in, but this is a problem that happens too much and strong consequences would send a message to others.

Ultimately we need everyone to see that this isn’t acceptable and hopefully it can prevent similar things happening in the future, but that’s probably wishful thinking.

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