Positive news for Premier League sides as study suggests return to training will be safe

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It’s clear that employers round the country are trying to find a way to get back to normal and get their employees working again.

Of course they will all peddle the line about safety being the most important thing, but a cynical observer will suggest that purely means they want to cover themselves in case anything terrible happens.

Football is no different, and we all know that clubs will never be forgiven if anything happens to any of their staff or their families as a result of returning too soon.

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The first step is getting the player back to training, and there could be some interesting news from a safety point of view.

The Independent has reported on some research being done about contact between the players in a training session, and the clubs may use this to support the claim that the players can train normally again.

The research found that outwith set piece drills, the players aren’t actually close enough for long enough to transmit the Coronavirus, so it might be safe.

The problem with this is that it sounds like it’s been worked out based on averages, so even one case of the virus being transmitted at training is too many.

It certainly sounds encouraging for things getting back to normal, but time will tell how reliable it is.

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