Premier League players given the chance to refuse a return to action

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We’ve seen this week that a lot of workers in the UK have been left feeling scared and angry after being forced to return to work earlier than expected, and footballers are no different.

The Bundesliga looks set to start again this weekend, and a lot of other big leagues are looking to get thing started again soon.

The Premier League are part of that, but a recent report from ESPN has suggested that players will have the chance to refuse.

They state that although the government are trying to create conditions where elite sport can start up again, elite athletes must be given the chance to opt out of returning.

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It mainly comes down to player safety, as they go on to say that athletes must understand the risks that may face them and will be allowed to opt out at any time.

On top of that, clubs will not be allowed to take any action against anyone who doesn’t want to return either.

This could be interesting as it’s not clear if the players actually want to put their families at risk by returning too soon, so this could provide a major obstacle for the league to overcome.