Mystery Premier League star broke lockdown rules as he flew to Paris and partied in French capital claims report

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An unnamed Premier League star reportedly flew to Paris and hosted a ‘sex party’ as he flouted the coronavirus lockdown rules in place in both countries.

It’s claimed the unknown individual took a private jet to the French capital and after inviting models to join him and friends at a hired restaurant, the party continued at a nearby apartment, as per the Sun.

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While it’s unclear how all that was managed given the strict rules in place, it’s added that the mystery player had sex with at least one of the models invited to the shindig.

That said, the report goes on to note that witnesses saw the group of 15 at the restaurant in question near the Champs Elysees with staff serving drinks, while he was also spotted getting a little too physical with a female companion in a lift on the way up to the apartment.

“They were whisked to the restaurant, which he had hired privately complete with waiters — strictly against French government lockdown rules,” a source is quoted as saying.

“There were about 15 guests.

“They were served tequila and Jack Daniel’s and it was all very raucous.

“Most of the group then went to a hired apartment where the party continued and things got out of control.”

It’s suggested that the player in question is now back training and although there were no signs of the gathering at the restaurant on Friday night, it’s added that an investigation could now be carried out into the possible breach of lockdown rules.

Ultimately, until there is sufficient evidence to prove it occurred, it’s difficult to believe he was able to fly to France, get through all the subsequent checks to then be spotted in a group of 15 people when the country is in lockdown and no further action was taken by police or the authorities.

Time will tell if further details are shared, but there are certainly a lot of missing pieces in this puzzle as things stand…