Former Arsenal star Nicklas Bendtner confirms he blew €6m playing poker

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Sometimes fans will lament a talented player for not living up to their potential and their career can often seem like a waste, but it always emerges that there was a lot going on away from the pitch.

Nicklas Bendtner looked primed to lead the Arsenal line for years as a youngster, he was physical and technically brilliant, but it started to go wrong.

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There will always be accusations of not trying hard enough or being dedicated enough, but this recent report shows that he had a serious problem away from the game:

In the report he suggests that despite losing all that money, he doesn’t feel he has a gambling problem and it merely helped him to become more prudent later on in life.

It’s worrying to hear that he does still play, but he does assure us that he places much smaller stakes than he used to.

His career never took off as he stumbled from club to club, without managing to hold down a regular place or stay anywhere for too long.

He’s now featuring in a reality TV show back in Denmark which is probably why this story has emerged, but it could give an indication over why things went wrong.

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