Former player insists Barcelona should shun Neymar due to his behaviour surrounding his exit

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It’s funny how time can heal a lot of wounds, but it’s very important to remember how someone behaved in the past as well.

Neymar forced his way out of Barcelona a couple of years ago to move to PSG, but things haven’t gone quite how he hoped.

Domestically they ease past everyone but they still don’t have enough to win the Champions League, while he’s also stepped out of Messi’s shadow just to play second fiddle to Kylian Mbappe.

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Mundo Deportivo were the latest to report on a possible return, but they spoke to former Brazilian striker Giovanne Elber, and it’s clear he feels Barcelona shouldn’t be looking to take him back.

He says that they shouldn’t look to re-sign him, and criticised Neymar for choosing to go to Paris. He indicates that he wanted to leave because he wanted to be the best in the world, but feels that choosing PSG undermined that argument.

He goes on to say that Neymar didn’t treat Barcelona properly during that episode, so it’s understandable why he feels this way.

Essentially Neymar is a former partner who left Barcelona after being promised the world, only to find out it wasn’t what he thought he would be and he’s now asking Barca to take him back.

Time will tell if Barca can swallow their pride and have enough money to make this happen, but maybe they should look elsewhere.

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