Video: Arsenal star Alexandre Lacazette inhaling laughing gas from balloon during lockdown

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According to a report from the Daily Star, a clip of Arsenal ace Alexandre Lacazette inhaling laughing gas from a balloon during lockdown has emerged.

To make matters worse, the Frenchman was warned by the club for using ‘hippy crack’ only 18 months ago, the ace was also filmed inhaling the gas just before the 2018/19 season started.

In that incident, Lacazette was alongside teammates Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Mesut Ozil and Matteo Guendouzi, with the Arsenal stars inhaling the gas during a party at a London nightclub.

Lacazette, who the Star report earns £185,000-a-week with the Gunners, filmed himself inhaling the gas whilst sitting on his sofa at home.

The report even claims that the striker told friends in texts this week that he was “at home, chilling and doing balloons.”

A clip of the incident can be seen below:

Laughing gas as it’s commonly known or hippy crack’s official name is Nitrous Oxide, this is used by dentists as a painkiller – the euphoria it sends someone in to will distract them from the pain they are suffering.

It seems extremely disturbing that a high-profile athlete is using the gas – which isn’t illegal to possess, given that Lacazette has such a massive following with young people especially.

The last thing anyone needs if for people to be somewhat encouraged to use this in a reckless recreational manner when it has very dangerous side effects.

The Star add that use of this can lead to unconsciousness or even death, due to a lack of oxygen.

Outside of dental practice, those that use this commonly purchase the gas in a canister before transferring it to a container which can then be inhaled through a balloon.

How severe should Lacazette’s punishment be for his actions?

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