Former Arsenal star names the only two times he saw Arsene Wenger lose it at his players

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Former Arsenal striker Jeremie Aliadiere has spoken about the only two times he saw Arsene Wenger really lose it at his players.

The legendary ex-Gunners manager is well known for being a fairly calm figure in comparison to some more authoritarian managers like Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho.

Still, everyone loses their patience once in a while, and Aliadiere says he really witnessed Wenger flip out on two occasions.

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Speaking to Goal, the Frenchman says Wenger really lost his temper at half time as his Arsenal side were thrashed away to Manchester United in the 2000/01 season.

Arsenal were 5-1 down at half time and went on to lose 6-1, so it’s little wonder Wenger was in one of his worse moods.

Aliadiere told Goal: “Arsene went absolutely mental. We got smashed in that first half when Igor Stepanovs was playing at the back. It was a joke. Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke were absolutely killing us.

“I wasn’t even in the squad, I was just there as 19th man or something. And when I saw him losing it like that I was like: ‘Wow!’. I’d never seen him going that crazy before.

“He was throwing bottles across the room, they were going everywhere. He was shouting and swearing – and Wenger never usually swore. He was just going absolutely mental.

“He wasn’t doing it at anyone in particular because he didn’t want to start pointing fingers, but he was just going crazy for about five minutes before he started to calm down a bit.”

The former forward also says he saw Wenger furiously react to Sylvain Wiltord answering his mobile phone when players were banned from doing so.

Amusingly, it seems like Wiltord largely ignored Wenger’s ranting at him!

“We’d been told not to use our mobile phones in the dressing room,” he said. “Arsene always said you had two choices with your phone, leave it in your car, or if you bring it into the dressing room you put it on silent and leave it in your locker.

“So one day he comes into the dressing room and starts having a meeting, chatting with all the players and then suddenly Sylvain’s phone starts to ring so loud and he answered the phone as well.

“Arsene just totally lost it … He started properly shouting at him and fined him 10 or 12 grand there and then.

“But it was at the time when there was a bit of tension with Sylvain and Wenger and Sylvain absolutely didn’t care, he just carried on his conversation on the phone. It was crazy.

“Those are the only two times I really saw Arsene lose his temper.

“Normally, even when we’d had bad games, he would take time to not react in the wrong way. He always tried to give himself time to cool down and think more clearly before chatting to the players.”

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