Man United’s Marcus Rashford has come up with a novel way of promoting himself

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For top-flight footballers nowadays, promoting their brand seems to be almost as important as how well they play for their respective teams.

Clothing lines, collaborations with fashion designers… if the cap fits and all that.

Man United’s Marcus Rashford has taken things one step further and certainly come up with a novel way to ensure his brand is front and centre.

He’s had his well-known MR logo tattooed onto his right thigh as part of a more detailed overall design, meaning that any time the cameras are on him whilst playing for the Red Devils, his brand will get some great quality exposure.

Tattoos are becoming de rigueur for the younger generation, with all manner of designs on display, but this is surely the first time that a player has had the temerity to use his own logo.

It’s hard to decide if it’s genius or just plain stupid, but regardless of what anyone thinks, Rashford’s design is there to stay.

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