Wayne Rooney ‘furious’ over ongoing spat between Coleen and Rebekah Vardy as court case touted

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Wayne Rooney is reportedly furious over the ongoing spat between wife Coleen and Rebekah Vardy which is seemingly heading towards a court battle.

Last year, Coleen took to social media to announce that after doing some investigative work into leaks from her private Instagram account and stories, she had identified Vardy as being the one feeding the news to the media.


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That was something that Vardy denied strenuously, and although it has seemingly gone quiet between the pair over the situation in recent months, the row is apparently raging on and could ultimately end up in a high court.

As reported by HeatWorld though, it’s suggested that Rooney is furious over the whole situation as he is eager to avoid their private lives being exposed in court and having to splash out on the legal fees when they could just agree to settle and put an end to their ongoing spat.

“Wayne is furious and thinks the whole situation is pathetic – they’ve had blazing rows about it,” says a source close to the couple. “He’s told her she needs to make the whole situation go away and just settle. He thinks a court case would be a disaster – not only the cost, but what could be exposed and who could be called as a witness.

“He says it would be like throwing a hand grenade into the world of footballers’ personal lives, stirring up gossip about what they get up to. He’s very nervous that battling over privacy will mean that his past – the cheating and gambling stories and negative headlines – will be dragged up again, and it will be there on public record for his kids and teammates to see. He’s worried he’ll lose the respect of everyone.”

The report and source go on to note that it could also ultimately have an adverse impact on the future earnings of the couple as it could effect their brand and commercial agreements, but Coleen isn’t seemingly ready to back down and is willing to take it further by going to court over the matter.

Time will tell if that happens, but Rooney is reportedly concerned over the potential fallout from any case as it could end up doing more damage and causing more problems than the squabble itself, both to their personal and professional lives.

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