‘It’s quite scary’ – What does Adrian Mariappa’s positive Covid-19 test mean for the Premier League?

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Although there were only a few positive Covid-19 tests amongst the few hundred done before the Premier League’s players reported back for training, Adrian Mariappa’s result could have far-reaching consequences.

The Watford man was initially concerned that there’d been a mistake with his test results.

“It’s quite scary how you can feel absolutely fine and not really have left the house – and yet still get the virus,” according to the Daily Mirror.

“The club doctor called to tell me and, to be honest, I did ask whether it was 100 per cent accurate or whether my results could have got muddled up. In my head, it wasn’t adding up.”

So what does his, and his contemporaries positive tests mean for the Premier League as a whole?

Certainly, the organisation has to tread very, very carefully from this point. Whilst it may appear that the UK as a whole seems to be getting over the worst of the pandemic, the country is clearly still not out of the woods, and any risk to life must be the highest priority.

Indeed, as the Daily Mirror note, Mariappa’s captain, and close friend, Troy Deeney, is refusing to train at this points he doesn’t want to put his family at risk, particularly his five-month-old son who is suffering with infant respiratory difficulties.

No one can predict the future of course, but any measures to negate the spread of the disease have to be considered, and if scrapping the Premier League season is the most sensible course of action, then it’s an action that must be taken.

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