Watford and Burnley confirmed as among those to find positive coronavirus tests

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Watford and Burnley have been confirmed as being among the clubs to pick up positive coronavirus tests ahead of a return to Premier League training.

According to BBC Sport, Burnley assistant manager Ian Woan, along with one player and two members of staff at Watford, are now self isolating for seven days after the virus was picked up.

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This follows hundreds of tests being carried out by Premier League clubs, and the low number of positives can hopefully serve as some encouragement, though it’s a reminder of the risks that resuming football can bring.

BBC Sport report that there were two other cases at an unnamed club, but one has to hope that the regular testing means these can be picked up before they spread far.

As noted in the report, Burnley coach Woan’s case is currently asymptomatic, so picking it up early could actually end up being beneficial as he might otherwise have largely gone about his business and infected more people without knowing.

Provided the right precautions are taken and that no one is forced to get involved against their will, there seems to be reasonable hope that we could see the Premier League back without too much trouble this summer, as the return of the German Bundesliga last weekend has shown.

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